hokona LineDisplay for SAP Customer Checkout

hokona - LineDisplay

As we have the mandatory situation in Germany to install a customer display, we can focus our thoughts and energy to improve the use of the customer display screens. Customer interaction and potential advertising space.

Standard customer display at POS

In standard SAP Customer Checkout, every time a new article is scanned, it is shown at customer display with description and price. On top, in the bottom right corner, the total price is shown. This data is needed for governmental regulations and the SAP plugin can be installed quite quickly from SAP CCO consultant to get basic functionality.

Webinar for LineDisplay presentation

Every month, there are several webinars about the actual themes and modules. On top you can update your knowledge about pricing and have a preview for the roadmap. If you have an urgent customer need, feel free to drop a line to info@hokona.de to get an individual demo and proposal.

Feature list of LineDisplay

There are several components that can be used in the hokona LineDisplay, depending on the characteristic you choose:

  • Clock
  • Cashier
  • LanguageSwitcher
  • Image
  • Image-Slideshow
  • Receipt
  • ReceiptFooter
  • BusinessPartner
  • Video

hokona LineDisplay – Pricing and Roadmap

The features are bundled to certain packages. All details are listed here: hokona LineDisplay for SAP Customer Checkout .

New functionalities and ideas from SAP Eco-System can be found at our hokona LineDisplay Roadmap.